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Man on motorcycle films hit-and-run with his helmet-cam. Unbelievable video footage

This helmet-cam doesn’t miss a thing

While out on his motorcycle this man coincidentally became an eye-witness to a traffic accident. The driver who caused the accident fled the scene and a high-speed chase ensued.

Obviously the driver didn’t expect to be followed by someone with a helmet-mounted camera:

Even after being chased and filmed by the motorcycle driver, the driver who caused the accident stubbornly refused to turn around and return to the scene of the crime! But the vigilant motorcyclist caught not only the accident on his helmet-cam, he also recorded the perpetrator’s license plate number. The witness returned to the scene of the accident to make sure that the people in the other car were alright and promised to send them copies of the video footage. With that kind of evidence, the victims will be sure to get some justice. Maybe now the driver who fled will remember that the law always catches up with you in the end!