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Man Mocks Wife for Gaining Weight after Giving Birth, Finds Her Diary after She’s Hospitalized

A man mocks his wife for gaining weight after having twins, but he realizes how wrong he is when she faints and is rushed to the hospital one day.

For as long as Lisa Thompson could remember, she’d always managed to juggle work and housework like a pro. She worked as an accountant in one of Santa Clara, California’s most renowned firms, and despite her hectic 9 to 5 schedule, no one could tell Lisa’s house had suffered as a result.

She’d get up at 5 a.m. promptly, cook breakfast for both her husband Chad and herself, get to work on time, and return home in time to begin dinner preparations.

Chad had been equally supportive and had frequently lent a helping hand with housework. However, things started to change once Lisa gave birth.  Read the full story here ▶