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Man Hides Camera in Woman’s Bedroom Disguised As Clock. Police Claim He Shoot more than 140 Videos

A man hid a camera inside a woman’s alarm clock in her bedroom and recorded 140 videos, according to Oklahoma police.

Dylan Grant Brown, 26, was charged on Monday at Cleveland County District Court after a woman alerted police.

Norman police were called on March 17 by a woman who claimed a camera had been hidden in her alarm clock.

Lt. Justin Wishon told Oklahoma’s News9: “A young lady called us advising that she had found what she believed to be a recording device inside her apartment.

“It was an actual functioning digital alarm clock that held an internal SIM card that had a collection of videos on it once we got a hold of the video and the alarm clock itself.”

When police went through all the files on the device, they found there were 140 videos stored on it. The camera also filmed the woman as she undressed.

Lt. Wishon continued: “One party believed the suspect would have access to it via an app on his phone but wasn’t able to get it hooked up.

“So, what we understand is, he didn’t have any actual procession of any videos. All the videos were on the SIM card itself that were still with the recording device.”

The officer warned that, although it can be difficult, to be aware of who is giving over the item and of their behavior.

Lt Wishon continued to tell the outlet: “The only real warning sign there was after the fact of, ‘hey I need to get that back, I need to get that back,’ that caused her concern, ‘OK, why is he so concerned in getting that digital radio or digital clock back?”

Brown faces one year in prison, a $5,000 fine or both if he is found guilty.

Newsweek has contacted the Norman Police Department for comment.

It comes after an alleged “Peeping Tom” was charged earlier this year when police said he fell through the ceiling of a women’s locker room at a Virginia gym.

Brian Anthony Joe, 41, landed on a woman, according to a Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

Joe was reportedly “cornered by patrons at the gym” until law enforcement arrived on the scene.

The woman was checked for injuries by rescue personnel but was not taken to hospital.

Joe was charged with burglary, three counts of peeping or spying into a building and vandalism.

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