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Man Gets Custody Of 3-Month-Old Son, Uses Him As Punching Bag Till Dead

A 26-year-old man named Isaac Hernandez had been sentenced to 27 years in jail after killing infant Sylys Hernandez, who was only 3 months’ old.

Sylys’s mother was a drug addict, and gave birth to Sylys in jail – she had hoped for a better life for him in the outside world.

The baby was entrusted to Issac, who used him as a punching bag for a period of 3 months till the infant was dead.

Previous reports of abuse surrounded Issac and Sylys, but were ignored by the local authorities.

As a result, Sylys suffered multiple rib fractures, two broken legs, a torn frenulum, as well as bruises everywhere on his body.

He was found dead in his crib in his home in Nampa, Idaho in the United States.

Issac has pleaded guilty to three charges of felony injury to a child.

Image Credit: KTVB

The judge has described this as one of the “worst” case of child abuse he had ever seen throughout his career.