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Man Fed Up Once Woman Destroys Memorial Day Display, Moments Later He Sees Her Truck…

Ken Dabelstein thought that nobody could object to him putting up flags outside his business to commemorate Memorial Day. However, not only was his Memorial Day display destroyed, it was done by a government employee under the auspices of the law.

According to WJBK-TV, the 73-year-old Dabelstein put two dozen flags outside Ken’s Country Produce in Westland, Michigan. He watched as she put them in her municipal truck and sped off.

“She pulled the flags out and wouldn’t give me her card,” Dabelstein said. “She pulled the flags out, customers tried to grab them out of her hand. She wouldn’t give it to them. She took the flags and literally threw them in the back of her truck.”

“I came running out here to get the flags but I’m handicapped,” Dabelstein added.

An indignant Dabelstein took to Facebook to express his outrage.

“The city of Westland removed my flags from my property– saying it’s signage,” he wrote. “We’re an all-American city.”
It didn’t take long before Westland Mayor William R. Wild responded to the post. “I agree,” Mayor Wild wrote. “I’ll see if we can get them back.”

“Some of these things that seem like common sense can get overlooked,” Westland City Council member Kevin Coleman said. “On behalf of the city council I want to apologize to Ken here.”

Thanks to some veterans, though, Dabelstein didn’t need to rely on the city for the restoration of his Memorial Day display.

Even without what the veterans did, Ken still has more flags.

“I have 24 more,” he said. “I give them away to people. If you come in and need a flag for the cemetery, you get a free flag.”
I would love to know who this petty, heartless, un-American bureaucrat was who took his flags and refused to identify herself. I suppose such is life in Obama’s America. Thankfully, there were enough people with common sense to make sure that this Memorial Day, Ken’s Country Produce was proudly celebrating our heroes.

H/T Washington Times

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