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Man Dreams His Daughter Is Alive, Runs to Cemetery and Sees Her Grave Dug up

Bereaved dead, Robert is fueled by hope when he sees his dead daughter Emily alive in his dream. He rushes to the cemetery and finds her grave dug up her coffin. Exposing a disturbing secret Robert had not come prepared to see Emily Robert jolted away drenched in sweat. His throat was sore in his eyes, stinging at the ungodly hour. It had happened again, a dream that had haunted him for over a year since Emily’s death, but this time it was different, he’d seen his dead daughter alive and was very disturbed gasping for breath.

Robert sat up in bed unable to shake his head off the dream that felt all too real in it. His beloved Emily was standing before him in a cloud of mist calling out his name and asking him to help her with trembling fingers Robert reached out for a picture frame on his bedside table and gazed at it for a good long, 10 minutes. Read the full story here ▶