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Man Discovered Abandoned Newborn Baby And Saved The Girl’s Life

Sometimes the worst things happen not because of malice, but because of fear. We may never truly know why a 13-year-old thought that putting her newborn baby girl in a dumpster was the best option for her or her child. Perhaps she was scared of being kicked out of her home, or how the baby may affect her future. Rather than ask endless questions about why it happened, we can instead focus on something better — the miracle that lead to this baby being saved.

It was the wee morning hours of a Thursday in October, 2014 when a man was searching through a dumpster in Sacramento. During his search the man screamed and ran away. Annette and Jimmy Alvarez who lived in a nearby apartment complex heard the scream, called 911, and rushed over. What they found absolutely astonished them.

Inside the dumpster, among the old food, flies, and other trash was a newborn baby girl. The poor little girl was covered in trash, flies and gnats. It appeared she had been there for several hours at least.

Jimmy Alvarez immediately pulled the baby girl out of the dumpster. Jimmy told Merced Sunstar about the emotional scene.

Just staring down at the dumpster, I broke down. Just seeing a baby in the condition she was in; her being so innocent. She didn’t ask to come into the world, someone brought her

After he pulled her out, he immediately wrapped her in his t-shirt for warmth. Annette Alvarez also began to help revive the baby who seemed to be unconscious.

Annette began to rub the baby which warmed her up. Soon the newborn baby began to gasp for air and cry. That’s when the police and an ambulance arrived. The baby was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that she was only a few hours old, with an umbilical cord still attached.

Thankfully, she was still healthy.

Not long after the mother of the baby girl was found. Due to her being just 13 years old, the police have not released her identity.

But for this baby girl and her saviors, Jimmy and Annette Alvarez, this story hasn’t quite ended.

Despite being the grandparents and great-grandparents of 37 children, they decided they would adopt this little girl. They even have a name for her, “Milagros” which means “miracle”. A perfect name for a little girl who was lucky enough to be found.

Annette told about the immediate connection she felt with Milagros.

You know, if you would have held her, you wouldn’t want to let her go. You’d be fighting for her, too. I’ve been a foster parent before and kids just touch my heart, because they don’t ask to be here.

Thanks to the amazing Alvarez family, this young baby girl will have a chance to live an incredible life. Kindhearted people like them are what make the world what it is.