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Maine mom charged with murdering her toddler, covering up bruises with temporary tattoos

Jessica Trefethen, 35, has been saddled with a murder charge after her three-year-old boy Maddox Williams died in the hospital, his poor little body riddled with catastrophic injuries

A Maine mom has been arrested and charged with murdering her toddler son after she allegedly attempted to cover up catastrophic bruises on body with temporary tattoos, Crime Online reports.

Jessica Trefethen, 35, of Stockton Springs, was arrested on Wednesday after her three-year-old son Maddox Williams perished the previous Sunday.

Trefethen also goes by Jessica Johnson and Jessica Williams.

Maine authorities report that Trefethen and her mother, Sherry Johnson, took the poor little boy to Waldo General Hospital in Belfast, where he died shortly thereafter.

Jessica Trefethen — who also goes by Jessica Johnson and Jessica Williams — was arrested on Wednesday, following the death of 3-year-old Maddox Williams on Sunday, WCSH reported.

Maine mom covers toddler’s bruises with temporary tattoos, can’t explain brutal injuries that killed the boy


Trefethen and her mom allegedly told physicians at the Maine hospital that the toddler was knocked down by a dog and then kicked by his eight year-old sister.

Then the medical examiner’s office conducted an autopsy.

The subsequent report indicated that the little boy’s cause of death was “multiple blunt force trauma” and that the manner of death was ‘non-accidental inflicted trauma.”

The Associated Press reports that poor little Maddox was covered in bruises on his arms, legs, head and abdomen.

A Maine woman charged with murder stemming from the death of her 3-year-old son was ordered held on $150,000 bail during an initial court appearance Friday.

Bail set for Maine woman charged in death of 3-year-old son


The Maine mom charged with murdering her toddler is also accused of causing abrasions to his face and attempted to cover up signs of abuse by applying temporary tattoos.

Even more horrifying, the child had deep tissue bruising to the buttocks and internal bleeding in the abdomen that indicated a ruptured bowel.

Maddox also sustained a bleeding brain injury and a fractured spine.

News Center Maine reports that the boy’s father, Andrew Williams, is currently incarcerated at the Knox County Jail.

Jessica Trefethen also has three children with Jason Trefethen. According to police, Jason lives in a camper at 30 Cross Ln. in Stockton Springs, which is the same property where Jessica lives.

Affidavit reveals 3-year-old Stockton Springs boy died from non-accidental blunt force trauma


According to Maine police, the toddler also suffered abrasions on the inside of his lips that indicate a facial impact played a role in his murder.

The little boy was missing three teeth, apparently as the result of at least two separate attacks, which police allege the mom was involved in.

Maine police have indicated that the child’s myriad injuries were not consistent with a fall, being kicked in the stomach or being knocked down.

Bangor Daily News reports that Trefethen is very unlikely to be able to pay the $150,000 bail.

Her bail conditions include having no contact with people under 14, Murray said, and also having no contact with a list of people whose names were read by Zainea. Those included Jason Trefethen, the father of three of her children, who appears to be one of the last people to see Maddox alive, and Andrew Williams, Maddox’s father.