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Mail Carrier Sees Guy Shoveling Driveway, Horrified When She Gets Closer

Postal worker Amanda Price‘s route was more difficult than usual due to heavy snow. As she worked her regular route, she noticed a man shoveling his driveway, which didn’t seem that unusual until she realized what was really going on as she got closer to his house.

Price had struggled to get to each mailbox during her shift that was beginning to get longer by the house after her mail truck had already gotten stuck once on the treacherous streets. Just when she thought she was in the home stretch and could call it a day, she approached a situation outside a house that she wasn’t expecting.

Jack Bostic, 67, was chiseling away at the ice on his driveway, trying to clear himself a path to safely leave so he could get to his doctor’s appointment. Price had seen him from afar, working on the steep slope, but by the time she got closer, he was down on the ground, having hit his head hard during a fall. When she found him frozen and alone in the cold, he was on the brink of death, and without hesitation, Price decided what to do.

I jumped out of the mail truck and called 911. I had to roll him over and do CPR,” Price said, as WSBTV reported, adding that Bostic wasn’t breathing and was without a pulse when the mail carrier found him. “He probably would have died and that’s scary because I know these people,Price explained.

Emergency responders arrived just in time and used a defibrillator to start his heart. Price had kept his vital organs alive with her breath until emergency personnel got there, which is the reason he’s alive today, despite having a long road to recovery.

This mail carrier’s instincts and attentiveness saved this stranger’s life. She could have decided that she didn’t want to put her mouth to his, but in doing so, she saved his life. It was probably no coincidence that his angel was in the right place at the right time because seconds counted — and God’s timing was perfect.