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Lucky Couple Find ‘Rubbery Rock’ Worth $100,000 Washed Up On Beach

This waxy, rubbery looking rock was found on Middleton Sands beach in Lancashire, U.K.

Gary and Angela Williams said it smelled like manure and vomit – and they still picked it up!

What they didn’t know at the time was that the disgusting ball was worth quite a bit of money.

Turns out the ‘rock’ they found was whale vomit or ambergris, and perfume producers love the stuff!

Ambergris is made of hardened intestinal contents from sperm whales, and they can take years to form.

Christopher Kemp, says ambergris is highly sought after because only 1% of sperm whales can make it.

In 2013, a man walking along the same beach found a rock that was half the size of the one Gary and Angela found, and he sold it for $171,000!

Can you believe that?!

Take a look at this image!

rubbery rock
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Chanel No. 5 reportedly uses ambergris as an ingredient.

As it ages, ambergris will develop an earthy, sweet aroma.