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Little Boy Doesn’t Let Anyone into His Room until Policeman Arrives and Steps Inside

The little boy didn’t let anyone into his room until the policemen arrived and stepped inside. Paige Bailey had observed that the boy who lived next door always spent all day outdoors. If he was not riding a bike, he was skating or talking with other boys his age.

That was all normal child behavior, but the odd thing was that when the other boys got called home for dinner by their moms, only the boy was left on the street. He didn’t seem to mind much and would simply shrug his shoulders and keep on riding his bike to and fro by himself with his ever-present hat screwed on backward.

Something didn’t look right, and Paige was not about to let it go without an investigation. So one evening, she put on her coat and hat and went for a walk that took her to the local police precinct. Once there, she walked up to the desk sergeant and offered a greeting. Read the full story here ▶