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Kid Pranks Mom With “Used” Maxi Pad and Her Mortifying & Hilarious Experience Goes Viral

I have a love-hate relationship with YouTube.

It’s amazing how you can find videos for anything you need, LIKE HOW TO FIX A LEAKY SINK or how to grow herbs on your window sill.

But you can also find videos you don’t need, or more accurately, videos no one needs.

Absolutely NO ONE.

TikTok mom @BASICJANESSE was recently the second-hand victim of just such a video, and she generously shared her humiliation with the world.

Janesse was just going about her business, doing EVERYDAY MOM STUFF like taking out the recycling. That’s when the garbage collector kindly let her know that she had a little something stuck to her butt.

That something? A maxi pad. Awwwwwwkward

But that’s not all.

The maxi pad had been scribbled on with red marker to mimic… well, YOU KNOW WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO MIMIC.

Mortifying, right?

It gets better (ahem, I mean worse. It gets worse).

Janesse headed inside and asked her kid how long this “red flag” had been stuck to her backside.

At that point, her delightful offspring informed her that, yes, it had been there for THE TRIP TO TARGET.

Yes, it had been there for the trip to Walmart.

Janesse had been be-bopping all over town with a seemingly-used maxi pad clinging to her yoga-pants-clad behind.

When she asked, rightfully horrified, just WHERE HE LEARNED A PRANK LIKE THIS, her kid replied, “YouTube.”

(Curse you, YouTube!)

Now, Janesse’s kid isn’t shown in the video (except for a quick glimpse in the reflection of her sunglasses), but I’m guessing he’s a sixth-grader, plus or minus one year.

Why do I think that?

Because this is just the type of jackassery you can expect from boys in that age group.

All kids, but especially boys, go through a pranking stage though. And this unfortunate obsession with pranking really seems to peak somewhere in that window between ages 10 and 12. (As if those MIDDLE YEARS AREN’T ALREADY HARD ENOUGH ON PARENTS!) So this mom better get ready.

But, while we can’t be sure on whether or not this is a boy or girl prank, it doesn’t matter. It’s endless entertainment for us. I can’t stop watching it.

The rest of us can continue enjoying our love-hate relationship with YouTube, but I think it’s fair to say that Janesse’s relationship has graduated to hate-hate.

Of course, some TikTok commenters had words of encouragement for this mom.

Several, like @Milly.rue, were quick to look on the bright side:

But others… well, they were quick to suggest vengeance.

In fact, one mom’s plot for revenge even involved a six-year-wait (give or take):

You know what they say: Revenge is a dish best served cold. If I were her son, well… I’d be sleeping with one eye open.

Whenever, however this mom chooses to exact her revenge, I just hope she gets it on video for the rest of us.