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Judge Dismisses Speeding Ticket Of 96-Year-Old – The Reason Melts Everybody’s Heart

96-year-old Victor Colella was given a speeding ticket and was charged with a ‘school zone violation’.

  • His case was later dismissed by Judge Frank Caprio.
  • It was revealed that Colella’s 63-year-old son has cancer and he was speeding to take him to the hospital.
  • Judge Frank Caprio: “Here you are in your 90s, and you’re still taking care of your family. That’s just a wonderful thing.

Colella’s case was documented on ABC’s Caught in Providence. 

The 96-year-old man was charged with a school zone violation after exceeding the speed limit in a school zone. When in court, the elderly man explained that he rarely drives and when he does, he ensures that he does so slowly: ‘I don’t drive that fast Judge. I am 96 years old and I drive slowly and I only drive when I have to’. In addition to this, he further revealed that his 63-year-old son is handicapped, has cancer, and needs to be taken to the hospital to get blood work done. Colella claimed that on the day he was caught speeding, ‘I was going to the blood work for my boy’. 

Judge Frank Caprio is known for his compassionate verdicts. 

After hearing Colella’s story, Judge Frank Caprio seemed to be moved as he looked at the elderly man and said, ‘You are a good man. You really are what America is all about. Here you are, in your nineties, and you are still taking care of your family. That’s just a wonderful thing for you’. The judge then proceeded to joke about how the elderly man is setting a bad example as he said that now, his own son would expect him to drive him around when he becomes 90. Following this, Judge Frank Caprio wished the man and his son the best and announced that his case had been dismissed.