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Indiana mother films self violently throwing 10-month-old baby while on video call with his father

A mother filmed herself smacking her baby boy violently while on a video chat with the baby’s father, authorities revealed.

21-year-old Hanna Winch was arrested on February 22 in Peru, Indiana after the police were made aware of the video that had been shared on social media by the baby’s grandparents. In the video clip, the woman is seen smacking the ten-month-old child who falls face front onto the floor.

The camera then pans up briefly and shows the face of the woman. The authorities had conducted a welfare check on the baby post-learning of the video. While carrying out the initial investigation, the video was released on social media and led the police towards numerous reports along with the Indiana Department of Child Services (CPS).

The video has since been taken down. The police revealed that Winch was booked at the Miami County Jail on the charges of domestic battery, a level 6 felony, and intimidation.

The grandparents shared the video as an attempt to hold Winch and CPS responsible for the heartwrenching attack. Alongside the video, the child’s grandfather took to Facebook to write, “This is cps at it’s best this 10 months old my grandson gets to stay with this piece of work.” A woman who claimed to be the victim’s great aunt wrote, “She shoved him so hard he face planted on the carpet when he was already crying! Why? Because she was mad.”

“We all knew her mom would bail her out. Her mom defended her because the baby didn’t have any marks! Watch the video, marks do not matter!” the aunt continued.

The authorities shared that the baby boy did not show any visible signs of injury and is currently in the custody of Winch’s mother who has reportedly bailed her daughter out of jail. The child was given to his father over the last weekend.