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I Saw Her Park In A Handicapped Space, So I Took Out My Phone. That’s When Things Got Interesting

If you don’t have a reason to use a disabled parking space, then don’t take the spot. It’s pretty common sense, but yet, people still claim these spaces even if they don’t have a parking tag to indicate need. In this case, a man confronted a woman who parked in the ‘no parking area’ next to a disabled spot at an elementary school… it didn’t go over well.

Joshua Coleman has a disabled son, so he felt bold enough to call the woman out, as she parked her car in a spot that was marked as “no parking,” adjacent to a disabled spot that allows room for people to get in and out of their car with plenty of space.

He filmed the exchange he had with the woman occupying the space, with the YouTube video’s description explaining: “On Friday, September 19, 2014, Joshua Coleman took some pictures of a woman parked in a disabled spot without the appropriate placard at the Sargent elementary school in Roseville, California and this is what happened.”

He explains in the video: “I use disabled parking for my son who is in a wheelchair. Often times, when I take him to kindergarten there is someone using those spaces who doesn’t have a disabled placard or plate. This is one of those days…”

The video shows two images he took, of a black car parked in the unloading zone next to the disabled parking spot and another photo of a woman sticking her head out of the driver’s side window of her car. In a third picture, she flips him off.

He explains in the video that she then parked across the street and “we had words.” Remember, this took place at an elementary school, right beside a playground.

She tells him: “You wanted me to move today? Get that camera out of my face,” adding, “All you had to say wasHey ma’am, that’s kinda rude why don’t you move?’ Instead of coming up and taking pictures of me. Is that not rude?”

She continues: “You’re lucky my husband ain’t here,” then walks off, before turning around to explain, “That’s not handicapped though and that’s why I moved way over so that the person in the handicapped spot could get out.”

Joshua explains that parking there is not right, however, noting that it says no parking in that area “because a disabled person needs that area in order to load and unload.”

She walks away from him while he’s explaining the parking situation, but she then turns to ask: “Do you have any idea who I am? You might want to watch yourself,” before calling him an “asshole.”

The video also catches the woman arguing with the school’s principal, explaining that she wants to remove her child from the school.

Among the many comments left on the YouTube video was one person who remarked: “Anyone who defends this woman is a complete moron. This lady WOULD NOT have moved had they asked politely. She believes she is not in the wrong and politeness would have done nothing. She is a complete egomaniac like most people in today’s society.”