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Husband Hid Affair From His Wife For YEARS, Then He Gets This Postcard In The Mail

There are countless stories circulating about how cheating spouses have got the perfect punishment that they deserved.

Whether it was their partners eventually finding out the cheating and trying to exact their revenge through humiliation, or boldly confronting them and talk some kind of sense into them, it is always those that have committed some kind of wrongdoings that have it coming for them.

There are also various funny stories in which the wife was almost always the one who would end up teaching the man a lesson in the very end.

However, in this following story, the wife was completely unaware about the infidelity of her husband. He has been cheating on her throughout the years, and even got away by completely covering his tracks, or that is what he thought.

He had made extremely cautious arrangements with his mistress about this matter, but he had no idea about how his ideas will backfire on him.

Keep reading to find out how the turn of events has led to this story, and let us know about your thoughts in the comments section!

For many years, a man was having an affair one Italian woman. One fine night, she confessed that she was pregnant.

The man, not wanting to ruin his marriage or his reputation asked if she would go back to Italy in order to have the child in secrecy. In exchange, he would provide a large amount of money. He also agreed to provide any kind of child support until the child turned of legal age.

She agreed to the proposition, but asked how he would know if the baby was born……

In order to keep it a secret, he told her to simply mail him a postcard and the words “spaghetti” written in the back when the child would be born. After that, all the child support payments would begin from his end.

One fine day after nine months, when the man came home, he was confronted by a very confused wife.

“Honey,” she spoke,” you have received a very strange postcard in the mail.”

“Oh, just let me take care of it. I’ll explain it later,” he said to her.

The wife handed over the postcard obediently.

Then she saw him turning white and suddenly faint upon reading the postcard.

What was written on the postcard:

“Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti.”

Two without meat balls and three with meatballs.

Send extra sauce.”

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