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How to Easily Remove Warts And Skin Tags With Hydrogen Peroxide

The benign skin growths which seem like tiny soft balloons hanging off the skin are called small warts. They are harmless but can appear at some unpleasant places such as neck area. So people often want to get rid of them.

Warts and skin tags are a common problem many people face and even though they’re not particularly dangerous or life-threatening they can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant. There are different methods of removal, some require surgical procedures other not so much, but hydrogen peroxide has proven to be the easiest and quickest way to remove warts and skin tags and you can do it at home. The procedure is very simple and painless and you don’t need any medical assistance.

Here’s what you’ll need:

    • 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide
    • Cotton swabs
    • A nail file or pumice (for plantar warts)

First read the precautions below and then you can get started.

If you want to remove a plantar wart or verruca, file away the top layer of skin on top of the wart before you apply the hydrogen peroxide. Then soak the cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and carefully apply it on the wart. Be careful not to apply it on your unaffected skin because it may cause irritation. Repeat the process 3-5 times a day over the course of 1-2 weeks.

You’ll notice the skin around the affected area getting white and this is how it should be. Continue applying the hydrogen until the wart becomes black and falls off on its own. If you’re dealing with plantar warts it may take some more time until you’ve completely removed them because they’re deeper but rest assure they will disappear.

Watch out for the following instructions:

  • Don’t apply the hydrogen on unaffected skin.
  • 35% Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong solution so if the wart is on a more sensitive area you should dilute it with some water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide MUST NOT be used for the removal of skin tags or warts around the eyes or eyelids because you might damage your sight.