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Homeless Man Returns $3K Check He Found in Dumpster, and It Saves Owner’s Life

When Jeffrey is given a free shot to turn his life around, he decides to do the right thing rather than take advantage of fate. Later, he’s repaid for his kind heart in the best way possible. The only life that Jeffrey had ever known was on the streets. Since his childhood, Jeffrey has been homeless. His mother, Rebecca, was abandoned by her husband, and they were forced to live on the streets without a way to cover living expenses and rent.

Soon afterward, his mom fell ill and passed away. As much as he tried, Jeffrey couldn’t find a permanent job. He would often hear the same reason from potential employers: “Unless you’re able to be presentable and clean on the job, you can’t work here,” one employer told him. Jeffrey only had some clothes, blankets, and shoes, which he would push around in a rusty trolley. With no family or friends, he relied on his local shelter and soup kitchen. Read the full story here ▶