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His Wife Catches Him In Bed But Then Finds This Next To Him On The Mattress!

You may have seen some funny videos of people coming off anesthesia after dental surgery.  They have given me quite a few laughs, but the one you are about to watch below takes the cake! This might be the greatest post-dental appointment in the history of the internet. The level of absurd/hilarious that follows this man after his dental appointment is a sight to behold. I highly recommend that if you have not yet watched this video prepare get the giggles.

First of all, there is something so counterintuitive about seeing a big lug of a guy, reduced to being a little child.  Laying in bed, half-asleep, this husband’s vulnerability is at once touching but hilarious.  Bart’s wife checks in on how he’s doing, trying to console and reassure him that his head isn’t going to fall off!  He is such a big guy and he is acting like such a little baby, the contrast really makes for the perfect combination of hilarity.

His wife tries her best to console her husband but there is no consoling Bart; he just wants to be sure that he has his security object in the bed with him.  Bart isn’t taking any chances in case his head falls off.  When you see what he has in bed with him to ensure the safety of that head of his, you are going to spit out your drink laughing. During these chaotic times, there is nothing like a bit of laughter and fun to ease things up a bit.