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Hilarious Letter Stuck To Vending Machine Goes Viral – Everyone Understands Why

When you think about all the capitalist evils in the world, vending machines have to be quite high up on the list. Eager to take your money with their overpriced sweet treats, there is nearly always an issue when it comes to delivery or payment.

We all know the hollow feeling of the machine rejecting your solitary £1 coin, as well as the rage-inducing moment the machine opts to only half-release your bag of crisps. In short, vending machines were probably invented by the same dude who made the claw machine in arcades. Evil.

While in their barracks’ laundry room, a reddit user found this note taped on a vending machine recounting a particularly upsetting incident involving a honey bun.


At first, people found the whole thing funny and joked about the note



But then, other’s waded in to share their own stories about their time in the military

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There was me thinking that my vending machine anecdotes were hairy… these military men have got it real bad! If I had to live on a staple diet of machine snacks I’d probably be going on a harrowing rampage with a baseball bat right now – smashing vending machine glass left, right and centre.

As I said before, these things are pure evil.