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Her Teen Went Missing 5 Years Ago. Today, She Got A Letter In The Mail From Her

It was an ordinary night for Pam Massimiani. She gave her beloved fourteen-year-old daughter, Emily, a hug goodnight and then resumed doing the household chores. Life was good for Massimiani and her family. It was 2013, a good time for the country, and Massimiani felt that everything was neat and in order. But when mom woke up the next morning, she would find her home vacant and her teenage daughter, and the girl’s most prized possessions, gone.

At 6:30 am, Emily Wynell Paul grabbed her suitcase of clothes and her Xbox as she headed out the door. A car driven by an unnamed person was waiting for her. The fourteen-year-old girl hopped into the vehicle and allowed the driver to take her away from Massimiani’s Florida home. The “everyday” evening before would be the last time Massimiani and Emily would meet face-to-face or hear the sound of each other’s voice for years.

When Massimiani awoke that morning to find Emily gone, she immediately called the authorities. Investigators took a specific interest in Emily’s case because she was considered an “endangered runaway.” For the next five years, authorities would coordinate a large search to locate the missing teenager. But Emily had prepared her to escape carefully. One of the first things that investigators found was Emily’s internet search history. It was filled with information that revealed the teen’s deep research into running away so she wouldn’t be found.

Although Emily left suddenly, she planned every detail of her escape, including the three-page letter she left for her family. Reading her words devastated Massimiani to know the end. Emily’s other family members were also heartbroken that she would leave without telling anyone.

In the letter, Emily confirmed that she had left on her terms. No one was kidnapping her, which offered her family a glimpse of relief. She also wrote in the letter that she should not be expected back “home” before she turned eighteen. By then, she would be an independent adult under the law.

Investigators tracked Emily every way they could. However, the teen never returned to her social media accounts. Those in charge of finding her hoped it would be that easy. But the teen knew what she was doing. She never logged onto Facebook or any of her other social media accounts. Most teenage girls like Emily would fail to resist the temptation.

In the five years since Emily ran away from home, the best investigators in the business failed to dredge up any clues. However, Pam Massimiani has turned to her own Facebook account to share a shocking update. The family received a letter from Emily, and the way they got their hands on it was just as bizarre as everything else that happened regarding the situation.

But this time, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office found a clue. By scouring the letter, investigators were able to link it through a chain of events and get details about Emily and her whereabouts. And when they were through, they were able to close the case of the missing Emily Wynell Paul once and for all.

Find out what happened.