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He Shot A Cop Seven Times, And His Family Is Suing The Cop….

Do you ever feel as though everything is turned inside out? If so, I have a story for you: A man just shot a police officer seven times, leaving him nearly dead and severely disabled, after initiating a deadly shooting right next to his children. However, instead of taking responsibility, the shooter’s family decided to sue the wounded officer for $700,000.

The officers never thought it would come to a decision between life and death.

Officer Carlson responded to a call about a man who was allowing children as young as three years to drive a car, on the early afternoon of Sunday.

Casper Police pulled over the 38-year-old David Wolosin, but as a sovereign citizen, Wolosin believed that he didn’t have to follow U.S. law or comply with the police, rather than obeying the law or minding the safety of those young children and others, Wolosin brandished a gun and opened fire at the police officers all within a few feet of his own children after stepping outside of his car. Read the full story here ▶