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He Married a Millionaire Old Woman for her Money, but he Never Imagine What She Would Do

A prominent phenomenon which is now spreading in some societies is young men’s preference of having relations with old women. On being interviewed as Cougars lovers, they give the reason behind their strange tenacity. Women are more mature, so typically there’s less drama.

There’s more focus on what’s important in the long run rather than small stuff that won’t matter later. Besides, if she’s past menopause, there’s no risk of pregnancy, so no need for birth control and there are no periods to interrupt things.

If she’s not past menopause, she’ll be experienced in birth control and know whether she wants more kids or not. In addition, she’ll often have a better understanding of what makes a relationship work. Having experienced a few herself, she can use this knowledge to guide the relationship in the right direction. Read the full story here ▶