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He Hears Girl Screaming, Finds Man Drowning Infant Twins. That’s When…

It was just a typical day at home for Cash Freeman in Ada, Oklahoma. He had just gotten home for lunch when he heard a frantic knock on his front door. He opened the door and found a 12-year-old girl on the other side, frantically urging him for help. The little girl explained that a man barged into the house and pushed her aunt into the bathroom with a knife and hurting her babies.

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He grabbed his gun and followed the young girl to the house next door.

Once inside, he discovered a raging angry man, Leland Foster, with a knife pointed at his estranged wife, Michelle Sorrells. Sorrells was crying because her ex-husband was trying to drown their 3-month-old baby twins in the bathtub.

He saw the danger Foster has created.

When he saw the danger everyone was in, he fired two shots at Foster to stop the threat. He fired another shot when he realized Foster was still a danger and fatally injured him. This gave Freeman the chance to rescue the babies from drowning.

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Freeman dove to save the baby twins from drowning.

According to a report by IB Times, the police were called in at around 1:30pm. When they arrived at the house, Freeman handed over the twins so they could be taken to the hospital. The police rushed them to the hospital at Oklahoma City, where they were declared safe from harm. Sorrells was shaken from the experience but appeared physically uninjured.

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His acts were good and heroic but did he draw the line?

While his acts were definitely heroic, the police and the Pontotoc County District Attorney had to investigate whether Freeman’s actions were justifiable. Some netizens expressed their concern over Facebook and Twitter with support for Freeman’s heroic efforts.

Sapphire Angel says, “There better be no charges against Cash Freeman.”

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Angie Tatum says, “In my eyes, Cash Freeman is a hero! Kudos to him for exercising his Second Amendment right to bear arms and saving these babies lives! If for some dumb reason the prosecution decided to pursue charges I will gladly volunteer my time to serve on the jury without jury duty pay!!”

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Freeman did the right thing.

In an interview with Oklahoma News 4, Summer Pierce, a former neighbor of Foster, said that Freeman did the right thing. “Who knows what would have happened to the babies if he hadn’t intervened? They might not have made it,” and further said that was Foster did was an awful person.

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When he was interview by News Channel 4, Freeman said he did what he had to do to stop Foster from doing any more harm. He also added that he was concerned he would be in a lot of trouble over what he did.

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Some people must be stopped

But Jacqui Ford, a defense attorney with extensive experience in self-defense law defended Freeman and said, “Sometimes, people must be stopped and, sometimes, homicide is the only way to stop them.” The police have released Freeman after questioning him but it was up to the District Attorney to determine if what he did was a criminal act.

The Pontotoc County District Attorney said,

“Certainly, from the circumstances confronted that day by Mr. Freeman…one might get the sense that the use of deadly force was necessary to prevent or stop this horrible crime from going any further. Mr. Freeman reported that even after firing two (2) shots…he felt compelled to fire the third shot to attempt to get past this violent man to render aid and prevent the man from getting back up to harm anyone anymore.”

It was, unfortunately, a tragic situation but the loss of life was necessary and this situation fell under what Oklahoma law allows as “justifiable homicide.” No cases were filed against Freeman.

That is a great relief to hear, as well as knowing Michelle Sorrells and her baby twins are now safe and doing fine.

Celebrate the heroics of this man when you watch this video. After all, not all heroes were capes.