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He Heard Father Of 5 Was Killed, So He Brings Christmas Gifts To Victim’s Children

Floyd Miley didn’t know Leondrae Ridley personally, however the news of his death really impacted his life. Leondrae was shot and killed outside of his residence in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 1, 2017. At the time of his murder, his five children (ages 5, 6, 10, 11, and 13) were sleeping inside of the home.

Aside of the children he left behind, Leondrae also had a fiancée, Stannisha Battle. Although Floyd never knew who this man was, he felt a need to assist Stannisha and the kids enjoy the first holiday season without Leondrae being there.

He said, “To lose a father, provider, protector and then to experience the first Christmas — it’s really terrible.” Read the full article here ▶