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He Had a Rare Disease Called ‘Tree Man Syndrome’. The Docs Do Surgery But Come Back In and Say ‘I’m Sorry’.

Abud Bajandar is a 28 year old man who lives with his wife and four year old daughter in Bangladesh. He drew international attention a few years ago because of a rare medical condition that affects his hands and feet. They are covered in gnarled growths that look like tree bark and these skin lesions have wreaked havoc on every part of his life. He cannot do the simple everyday things that people take for granted, like feed himself, and he’s unable to work or provide for his family. He can’t even wear standard clothing because it’s so uncomfortable and he’s unable to hold his little girl.

Abud has what is known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which is more commonly called “tree man” syndrome. It is extremely rare with just 200 ever known cases worldwide. The condition is caused by an immune system defect that leaves people with an abnormally high vulnerability to human papillomaviruses, HPVs, of the skin. Unable to fight off certain types of HPV, the infections take hold and result in scaly, gnarled, uncontrollable warts and growths that look like tree bark. Read the full story here ▶