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He Didn’t Leave A Tip Because His Waitress Was Wearing A “Political” Button, Now He’s Lost His Job

The state of Washington has taken decisive action against a former chief investigator after the disgraced law enforcement officer mistook a Black Lives Matter button as a political statement. Although the media might claim that BLM is a political organization, it is not – it is a civil justice cause fighting to stop violence against Blacks. Cloyd Steiger, pictured here, lost his job as a senior criminal investigator because he was “making a scene” inside a restaurant and refused to tip the server over a Black Lives Matter button.

Steiger did not hide his dislike for the social justice movement. Where he was supposed to leave a tip, the fired investigator wrote, “BLM button = no tip.” The Washington state Attorney General’s office felt that the former Seattle Police homicide detective “irreparably compromised” his ability to be unbiased at work and therefore lost his ability to be a police officer.

As a member of the office’s Homicide Investigation Tracking System, Steiger had the power to use race to imprison Black people. Because Deputy Attorney General Todd Bowers felt that Steiger had undermined the trust of the public and failed in his duties as a law enforcement officer, he wrote a scathing termination letter and publicized it.

According to the letter, Steiger was fired “for your angry, disrespectful, and disruptive conduct at a Tacoma restaurant and then posting about it on your public Facebook page.”

Steiger’s superior then outlined a criminal investigator’s job responsibilities, which include “demonstrate the ability to communicate with a diverse group of interested parties and stakeholders” and “appreciate and respect people,” which were both flagrantly violated during the altercation inside the restaurant.

As for the events of the day in question, Steiger never told the server that her button “offended” him. Choosing silence, he “remained cordial to her during your stay. You paid your bill in full with your debit card and wrote on the receipt in the tip line, “BLM button = no tip. That’s how socialism works.”

But Steiger did not stop there. He found a white man and complained to him about the Black Lives Matter button very loudly.

“You asked if the restaurant would allow Blue Lives Matter paraphernalia, the (corporate salesperson) said yes.”

At this point, Steiger admitted to shouting “bulls**t” so everyone in the restaurant could hear him and raising his middle finger. He then posted about his outburst on Facebook.

“You stated that you were not acting as an employee of the AGO but as a ‘father of two cops and independent thinker’ when you posted the restaurant receipt to your Facebook page,” the letter stated.

However, Steiger’s attorney, Steve Fogg, believes the man cannot be fired over racial bias and went so far as to claim his termination was a “mistake” and “illegal.”

“The AG is firing Cloyd not because he didn’t do his job (he did it well) and not because he didn’t tip a waitress and raised his voice,” Fogg wrote in an email. “The AG fired Cloyd for expressing political opinions as a private citizen with which some members of the AG’s Office disagreed.”

Many of Steiger’s former colleagues are disgraced by the behavior because it “demonstrates such extreme racial bias and prejudice.”