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He asks nurse aide to clean-out his fridge, when she opens the door, she sees something that upsets her

Amanda Mary Perez shared a Facebook post that instantly went viral. Perez is a personal care aide and was at the home of one of her clients.

She had been wanting more material things, a car, house, new shoes, etc. She wanted many things, that is until she opened her client’s fridge.

Perez explained the situation in a Facebook post:

”I have never felt so ungrateful in my life then I did today.. Someone once told me, it doesn’t matter what you have now because as a human you’ll always have the mindset that it’s not enough and you need or want more.”

Lately, I have been so upset because I wanted the materials in life. New Car, House, more clothes and shoes, etc.. for those of you who don’t know, I am a personal care aide,(at-home nurse). I take care of people with all types of conditions. I was at my client’s home this morning and one of the jobs he asked me to do for him was clean his fridge.

I opened it and this is what I saw.. seeing this, I quickly turned over and asked him who buys him food he pointed at himself and looked down as if he was ashamed.

He said, “I buy food when I have the money” I cried. I have never seen a fridge so empty in my life. THANK MY LORD.

All of a sudden i realized how my needs are wants and his wants are needs. You have to eat to live of course. I cleaned his fridge and left when my shift was over but when I got in my Car I knew I COULD NOT GO HOME knowing all of this..

I don’t have food stamps or a good paying job so I used my income tax money to fill his fridge as much as i could.

Seriously, we need more people like Perez in this world!