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Groom Passes out at Altar After bride Whispers Secret in His Ear

When you meet the love of your life, you always long to spend the rest of your life with that person. Everything begins to plan almost spontaneously living together with children, and pets, and finally building a home. But many times, destiny, life, bad moves, and coincidences can radically change all that in less than an hour. Moises and Luciana were one of those fairytale couples. They first met in high school at 14, and it was love.

They started like other adolescent couples going to parks, movies, concerts, et cetera. After months of hanging out, having fun, and helping each other with classwork, et cetera, Moises decides to take what he wants. It would be his first step, the start of a satisfying relationship. Luciana took pride in her attractiveness. She was constantly conscious of her looks, especially their neatness. Read the full story here ▶