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Grieving Mother Confronts Criminal Who Murdered Her Son, Disturbed By 4 Sickening Words

Now that her son’s murderer is in prison, a South Carolina mother got the opportunity to meet face to face with the criminal who took everything from her. Sadly, things would get even worse as the criminal floored the mother with 4 sickening words — this left the judge in shock.

Eric Brantley was a popular a musician, bartender, and motorcycle enthusiast in Charleston, South Carolina. He was leaving his job when he was approached by two thieves. Sadly, the turn of events ended as the criminals duo stole the man’s money and fatally shot him before driving off.
Although one of the men responsible was immediately caught, the other, Jahmal Green, would remain free for about a month. Unfortunately for him, he was picked up after stealing a city-owned “bait” moped with a GPS tracker on it.

With officials quickly linking Green to the murder of Eric, it wasn’t long before he was standing in front of a judge to answer for his crimes. “During his hearing on Monday, Green — who just turned 18 last week — appeared relaxed and unconcerned with his murder and armed robbery charges, smiling and muttering while playing with the collar of his prison clothes,” IJ Review reports.
Things would eventually come to blows as Suzanne Sentner, Eric’s mother, was granted the opportunity to confront the man who killed her son and said in part:

“He was a son, a grandson, a brother, an uncle, a godfather and a true friend to more people than you would ever know in your life. Eric was also a real man. If you and De’Andre Murphy had tried to rob him without hiding behind guns, I can guarantee that the outcome would have been much different.”

Apparently, Suzanne got under Green’s skin, and his cool and calm demeanor quickly vanished. Exposing himself as the unrepentant thug that he is, the criminal then interrupted the mother with very vulgar words and expressions.

As one would imagine, the sickening four words resulted in gasps from the courtroom and even prompted Magistrate Ittriss Jenkins to instruct Green to keep his mouth shut or be held in contempt of court. Despite the fact that Eric’s family was shocked by the outburst, they’re just glad knowing that Green is exactly where he should be.