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Grandfather Gets A Call That Drops His Heart… His Family Was In An Accident But That Wasn’t Where It Ended

No parent ever wants to hear that their child has been hurt or harmed in any sort of way. That’s one of the situations that can devastate anyone who is a parent. For this grandfather, he experienced a similar situation.

His family was involved in a devastating car accident that flattened their vehicle. However, they has something else to tell him beyond just the accident — what they found inside that took them by complete surprise, which they had no explanation for.

Grand Rapids had been hit with a recent winter storm, leaving the roads icy, and traveling them was treacherous. Martin Molina’s son Martin Shea Molina, Jr., his daughter Brandy Grigsby, and three grandchildren were driving in the awful conditions Saturday morning when his son lost control of the car and slammed into a parked fire truck assisting in another accident.

With responders already on the scene for the prior collision, they were able to immediately respond to the Molinas. From the speed at which the small yellow Ford Focus was traveling and the completely crushed condition of the car, they prepared to pull all five bodies from it, but they were completely taken aback when they looked inside.

They called the elder Martin Molina and informed him of what had just happened, leaving the grandfather an emotional mess, but saying that “it was in God’s hands.” He couldn’t have been more correct, as God was already on the scene and in that car before it slammed into the truck. Responders were speechless when they found all five still alive inside, because of a strange thing that happened with the front seats that perfectly protected the children in the back.

I could have lost them all, that time, one shot, Molina told FOX 17. “From the reports I got, they didn’t think that there were going to be any survivors. It was God’s hand that just took care of them,” he added.

Martin explained that the car had crushed on top of his son and daughter in the front, which protected the children with the way the seat went back and “covered them.” God spared the front seat adults as well in a way only He could, providing this family with a miracle. “That was God’s hand,” the grateful grandfather and father told the news station.

The family suffered some injuries but are just happy to be alive. Two of the three children had broken collar bones and Brandy sustained head trauma. But Martin is praising God for protecting his family and for the fact that he didn’t have to hear that he would spend the holidays alone and in mourning.

While others are quick to discount God’s hand in this, insisting on giving credit to the car manufacturer or anything else they can think of for explaining away a miracle, there is no denying the truth in this. God is in all things and was in that car for them to make it out alive. Their path of life didn’t end there on that road. Looking at this car and knowing all survived should be faith-affirming to believers and convince the skeptical that there’s more at work than our earthly minds can comprehend.

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