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Gas Station Worker Confused When Fire Truck Pulls Up. Jaw Drops When He Looks At Camera

Gas station attendants are probably pretty used to seeing some unusual things in their line of work, but what happened at a Detroit gas station recently was a new one even for a seasoned worker!

A man and woman pulled into the gas station early in the morning. Unbeknownst to anyone else there, the woman was in labor.

The pair had been on their way to the hospital when they realized they weren’t going to make it. They quickly pulled into the gas station and called 911.

Soon, a fire truck pulled up, lights flashing.

“The guy waved us down, opened the side door, and there she was,” Sergeant Dan Salkowski recalled.

The baby had arrived just seconds before they got there!

Without wasting another second, the firefighters jumped in to help.

“I took the baby, held its airways, had him clamp the cord, cut it,” said Rich Dudis.

“[We got] blankets and made sure that the baby was warm,” added Dushon Moore.

Thanks to their help, the mom and baby were just fine. They were taken to the hospital to recover after the crazy ordeal.

A security camera at the gas station caught the whole thing! We’re sure this is a story they’ll be telling for years to come!