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Garbage Man Saves Blind Baby Left in Dumpster, 23 Years Later Boy Did Something Shocking

“Garbage man saves blind baby left in dumpster 23 years later. Boy does something shocking. A trash man, struggling to raise his twin daughters alone, adopts an abandoned blind baby he finds near a dumpster. Just as Bob thanked Destiny for giving him such a wonderful life and two adorable kids, fate struck him a painful blow. The 41-year-old had been married to his wife, Sarah, for nine years and ended up raising their twin daughters, Karen and Christie, alone.

Sarah came clean about her longtime affair with another man and left Bob to care for them on his own, but that wasn’t all. Karen and Christie weren’t Bob’s biological children. How could you do this to me, Sarah? Tell me the truth,” Bob had argued, and Sarah’s reply shattered him. She admitted Karen and Christie were not his biological children. Read the full story here ▶