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Father threw his 15-month-old son into the air above his head and then let the baby land on the pavement, told police that he ‘plays rough’ with the little baby every day and accidentally drops him often in an effort to toughen him up!

Police officials said the 29-year-old father, later identified as Richard, was taken into custody and later charged with multiple charges after he reportedly shook his 15-month-old baby really fast in a baby stroller before dropping the child on the pavement.

The nak-d baby was also crying hysterically and appeared to be dehydrated, police officials said.

During an interview with investigators, the father reportedly said that he dropped his baby on the pavement in order to toughen him up. Richard was later charged with unlawful conduct toward a child, public intoxication and possession of marijuana. The responding officers were reportedly flagged down by a witness, who wished to remain anonymous. Read the full story here ▶