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Everyone laughed on his face, 10 years later, they regretted it!

Mitch Hunter, 42, was 21 when he was involved in an automobile accident that left his face misshapen. When the car collided with an electrical pylon, ten 0 volt of electricity poured through him. In spite of these several skin grafts he had, he continued to appear scarred. He became one of the first face transplant recipients in 2011, with only ten others having done so before him. Now that he’s grown a beard, he enjoys the feeling that he gets on his face.

The father of three claims that the painful experience has made him a stronger person. Mitch Hunter was barely 21 years old when his car collided with a 100 volt electrical pylon, nearly resulting in his death 20 years ago. He pulled the female passenger in front of him out of the way, out of the oncoming car. The electricity surged up his foot, into his body and out of his face as he did so. It was a near lethal force. Read the full story here ▶

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