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Ever Noticed The Small Loop At The Back of Your Shirt? It’s Not For What You Think It Is

Have you ever noticed the small loop at the back of some men`s shirts? If yes, do you know what they serve for?

Long ago, people didn’t have any wardrobes and hangers and their clothing was stored on hooks. Therefore, these loops were used for hanging shirts and preventing them from wrinkling.

These loops were first introduced by East Coast sailors who used them to hang their shirts on ship hooks.  Very soon this invention became all the rage and people started using it outside ships. The trend began with the US made Oxford button down shirts in the 1960s and it became part of the Ivy League dating culture.

Interestingly, ladies used to rip the loop of the boy they fancied, indicating that that boy is already taken. Therefore, girls couldn’t run around and tear boy`s shirts to pieces.

Even though many brands use locked loops even these days, the arrival of wardrobes have deprived them of their initial purpose and there are now used as decoration only.