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Dying Husband Takes Wife’s Kidney, Repays Her By Doing The Unimaginable

After suffering several health problems, one man discovered that he was dying and Doctors quickly learned that he needed a new kidney to survive. However, after waiting for years for a match to be donated, his wife was tested and approved to donate hers to her husband. Unfortunately, after she gave him one of her own organs – he repaid her by doing the absolute unimaginable and is officially labeled the world’s worst husband because of it.

Simon Burke has a condition called reflux nephropathy, “a condition in which the kidneys are damaged by the backward flow of urine into the kidney,” according to NLM. Unfortunately, his condition progressed and he was told that without dialysis he would die.

His wife, Tracey, was absolutely devastated when she heard the news and immediately began hoping the doctors would be able to find her hubby a match.

“He was so poorly he couldn’t work and most days he was so weak he wasn’t even able to get off the sofa,” Tracey explained, according to The Sun. “I gave up my cleaning job to take care of him. I was terrified for the both of us.”

Unfortunately, after four long years on the transplant list, Simon still hadn’t been given a match. “That is when I had my eureka moment,” Tracey recalled. “I told Simon I would give him one of my kidneys.”

After getting a test to verify whether she could give her kidney to her husband – she went ahead and scheduled the surgery to save her man’s life once she had been approved. The extremely risky procedure was carried out at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and the couple “cried tears of joy” when their nightmares were finally over.

Simon’s health immediately showed improvement and their relationship was finally able to return to as it was before his procedure. In fact, shortly after, the couple was able to announce that they were pregnant and eventually welcomed their son, Mitchell, to the world. Simon knew he owed his life to his wife and eventually he would repay her – but in the most unimaginable way possible.

After Simon returned to his job, he worked extra hours to get financially caught up. However, time would pass and he would spend less and less time with Tracey and their kids. Tracey recalls that he began a strange attachment to his cell phone which worried her.

Eventually, she grew very concerned and took a look at his phone while he was sleeping. Unfortunately, she discovered an array of sexy text messages from another woman. Simon was having an affair.

“One text written by Simon read, ‘Wish I was sleeping with you, baby’. She’d replied, ‘You’re so cute, you melt my icy heart’, and he had added, ‘King Kong could not stop me seeing you’. I moved out, taking the children,” Tracey said, “To betray me after ­everything I’d done for him was unforgivable.”

Simon admitted that he had messed up, but he excuses the texts as just “banter” with another woman. However, Tracey didn’t care and called it off – considering she had given him everything, including her kidney, and he could only think to repay her by betraying her.

“I didn’t ask for that kidney at all, she’s obviously neglected to tell you that,” Simon admittedly said, further proving that he is the world’s worst husband. “She also walked out on me over a stupid text message. If a woman loves you, she won’t walk out on her family, would she? All it was was text banter.”

If you are alive today as a result of someone you love giving you one of their organs, you owe them your life — not a knife in the back. The fact that this man even thought for a second that he could do this to his devoted wife only proves what kind of person he truly is.

Marriage is hard, but it’s even harder when the one you’ve chosen to spend your life with is a selfish idiot. I don’t think anyone would blame her for getting out when she did; what he did was absolutely appalling.