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Drunk Driver Kills 3 Children. Police Pulled Him Over 30 Minutes Before But Let Him Go

Police have confessed that they pulled over 35-year-old Daniel Canada thirty minutes before he is thought to be responsible for killing a mother and her three children in a large car accident. Canada, who was drunk while driving, was not given a sobriety test by police officers during his traffic stop. Instead, he was released back onto the roads and given clearance to drive, which he did at 115 miles per hour, allegedly causing a seven-car pileup that killed the children and mother.

During the traffic stop, police found Canada to be in possession of marijuana. However, they did not charge him and released him back onto the roads of Texas. He went on to cause a massive pileup car accident that proved deadly just minutes after his interaction with police.

Although he was pulled over, police did not give him a sobriety test. They did not issue him a speeding ticket. They did not take him into custody even though he had five open warrants against him. The police simply let him go, and he went on to cause the fatal car crash minutes later.

Following the fatal car accident, police performed a sobriety test on Canada and found him to be more than twice the legal limit. However, the deputy who stopped him before the crash said that he did not show any signs of being intoxicated during the traffic stop before the crash.

Minutes after police pulled him over, Canada is believed to have killed 28-year-old Porsha Branch and her three sons, King House, 5; Messiah House, 2; and Drake House, seven-months-old. The family died after Canada crashed into the back of their vehicle while driving at an estimated 115 mph in Spring, Harris County, Texas.

The high-speed crash caused Porsha Branch’s vehicle to burst into flames. Porsha and her infant son Drake were killed at the scene of the crash. The other two boys were airlifted to an area hospital but died while under the care of doctors because of injuries they sustained in the crash.

The fatal seven-car pileup occurred on FM 2920 near Gosling Road on March 14, 2021, at about 8:30 pm.

Branch had her three children safely in the car when she stopped at a traffic light. Canada plowed his speeding vehicle into the back of the mother’s car, Harris County officials reported.

Canada was driving so fast that the impact caused Branch’s vehicle to smash into cars in front of her. The wreck became so massive that seven cars were involved in the pileup, and Branch’s car burst into flames from the impact.

Porsha and Drake were killed at the scene. King was taken to a local hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. His brother, Messiah, was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital and placed on life support. He died the following day.

Other people were also injured in the crash, and other cars also burst into flames.

Canada was sent to a hospital to be treated for his “bumps and bruises” and was largely uninjured during the crash.

He is currently being held at Harris County Jail without bond.