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DoorDash driver saves unconscious customer’s life while delivering pizza: ‘She’s my guardian angel’

A DoorDash driver in Massachusetts saved a customer’s life during one of her delivery stops on February 11.

That night, Caryn Hebert Sullivan and her husband, Robert Sullivan, had just returned to their home on West Island, Fairhaven, and ordered a pizza from Papa Gino’s.

Sophia Furtado, who was almost at the end of her shift, delivered the order to the address. But when she reached the house around 10 p.m., she found Caryn lying on the ground outside, unconscious and bleeding from her head.

Caryn, who had a previous arm injury and a bad knee, had been waiting outside for the pizza. When she turned, she remembered her arm and knee giving out. She ended up falling and hit her head on the way down. Read the full article here ▶