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Does your tendon pop out of your wrist like this?

While humans have certainly evolved over the course of time, there are still a wide range of bodily traits that we maintained that were passed down from our ancestors. Early evolutionary history certainly informs the way that our bodies function today and even those who find themselves disagreeing with this sentiment will find much to chew on when they take a look at this clip.

Did you know that your body carry a certain vestigial structure that serves to prove our evolutionary history? Most of us would like to believe that our vestigial structure proves the simplicity of our evolutionary history, but this video serves to prove these skeptics wrong.

Even things that seem as simple as the shape of our outer ears are affected by the body’s natural evolution and while the human body is thought to be a temple, it can also function as a museum of our own history and those who know how to study this museum are one step ahead of their less open minded counterparts.

If you find yourself struggling with this concept, you are not alone and this video serves as a valuable reminder that there are others who lack a certain amount of education about the structure and evolution of our bodies.

For example, do you have a tendon that pops out of your wrist like this one? If this describes you, this video offers a helpful explanation for this trait and you can also learn more about other parts of the body that you may not have taken the time to consider before.

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