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Doctors See Something Coming Out of Baby’s Head, When They Find Out What It Was, It Left Them in Awe

Sierra Yoder went into labor just in time. She was dressed in an orange T-shirt with a pumpkin on her belly for Halloween night. The shirt read “Bentley,” adding her new son’s name and an estimated birth date. The deadline is October 31st, 2015. Yoder and her husband, Dustin Yoder, got in the car and drove to the hospital, but they didn’t have any bottles, diapers, or a car seat to transport their newborn son home.

They simply brought a onesie, matching pants, and fuzzy socks. They planned to bury him in it as soon as possible. Bentley had an unusual disease in which his brain was growing outside his skull, which Dustin and Sierra Yoder from Sugar Creek, a tiny town in Ohio, were aware of. Sierra Yoder claims that physicians told her and her husband that their son would not live long after birth. Doctors had warned her that if he didn’t die, he would live with no cognitive function. Read the full story here ▶