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Doctors forced to do emergency caesarean section – dad sees baby’s face and room falls silent

Doctors are forced to do an emergency cesarean section, dad sees the baby’s face and the room falls silent. Pregnancy can be a very tough time for a woman. In addition to managing the physical aspects of wearing a baby in the stomach, there is also the constant concern that something could go wrong with the child. But thankfully, it goes well. In most cases, the one that worries and fears is exchanged for relief in the same second that you are allowed to keep your newborn healthy child.

However, Jenny Wilklow never had to experience that opportunity of relief. On the contrary, Jenny went through a relatively normal pregnancy. She and her husband were happy to wait for children, and on all the controls, they got the same answers. The child looked to feel fine, but the cloud of worries began to accumulate when Jenny was forced to enter and make an emergency cesarean section in week 34. Although the operation and childbirth were successful, it would soon turn out that something was wrong with Jenny’s daughter. Read the full story here ▶