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Doctor Plays Ukulele To Cheer Up Tiny Patient Battling Rare Disease

In Hospital das Clínicas in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Dr. Paulo Martins keeps his patients calm and entertained by boosting his spirits with his ukulele and singing skills.

His musical talent is loved by all patients, but there’s one whose heart he captured particularly!

Sophia Romao Bueno is seventeen months old, and she has an immune system disorder that forces her to spend a lot of her time at the clinical hospital, undergoing aggressive treatment that often exhausts her and wears her out.

When this sweet little girl heard him strumming and playing his ukulele, she wanted to hear more!

Image Credit: YouTube

Sophia followed the doctor’s voice and the twangs of the instrument as he went from room to room.

She waited out in the hallway as he finished each song and followed him to wait outside the next room.

It wasn’t long before Dr. Martins had noticed his little audience member, and he realized that she wanted him to play a special song just for her!

Image Credit: YouTube

Dr. Martins didn’t know how to play any songs for kids, but Sophia’s father, Julliano, stepped in to say that she actually liked grown-up music quite a bit, especially country songs.

He even mentioned a particular song that she loved to listen to: “Eu sei de Cor” by Marília Mendonça. Luckily, Dr. Martins knew how to play that one!

Image Credit: YouTube

The moment he began to strum and sing, Sophia started to dance.

She wouldn’t let the fact that she was attached to an IV stop her from shaking it!

She tapped her little feet to the rhythm and swayed from right to left.

When the doctor finished the song, she stopped dancing and stared at him in anticipation, so he continued to play again!

Image Credit: YouTube

This adorable video captures the moment that this happened, and it’s a beautiful video indeed that really showcases the wonder and magic of music and kindness.

Check it out here!

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