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Divers Save a Trapped Whale… What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart

A group of divers saved a whale trapped in a fishing net and you’ll never guess what the whale did. Next whale sightings are rather uncommon off the coast of Spain’s Balearic Islands. So when a 40 feet 12 meter long humpback whale was spotted near Maloka. It attracted a good deal of attention. The poor whale had gotten trapped in a drift net and could not free itself.

A passing boat first took note of the animal and deployed divers from Palma, demoloka’s aquarium to attempt to free it. However, the Marine rescue center was not successful and, to their dismay, the whale appeared to weaken from its constraints. Humpback whales are luckily easy to spot, given their massive size, which is roughly equivalent to that of a school bus. Humpback whales migrate through the oceans depending on the time of year, what distinguishes them from other whales is their Curious nature. Their huge pectoral fins dark backs and light bellies, and most notably, the hump in front of their Dorsal fins their namesake. Read the full story here ▶