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Disappointed Mother Sells Dead Son’s Bed, Days Later Buyer Returns and Says ‘Look In Trunk’

Valerie Watts was expecting her son Noah. All went well until the end of her pregnancy. The devastated mother had her son’s nursery all made up and ready for him. The crib, baby clothes and everything else was in place. All that was missing was her child who would never be coming home.

She told Fox9 News :

“All week I knew, he wasn’t moving as much. I was very nervous.”

His umbilical cord had become pinched in the womb. Sadly, Noah was stillborn. Understandably, Valerie couldn’t get rid of the items meant for her son. The crib especially was one piece she was particularly attached to. Everything she’d made herself had a particular significance. For a while, she left the crib and clothes as they were until her heart healed enough to where she could finally bring herself to touch and look upon them again.

Finally, Valerie found the strength to gather up the baby toys, clothes and crib and sell them at a garage sale. Gerald Kumpula and his wife have a workshop in their garage where he converts headboards and footboards into benches. Gerald and his wife went to Valerie’s garage sale and purchased the crib.

On their ride home, his wife told him of Valerie’s loss. The man thought the baby items were years old. He figured Valerie’s children were grown and gone and that’s why she was finally selling them. The couple had a lovely idea to help Valerie honor her son.

Gerald returned to Valerie’s seven days later with his gift in his car. When Valerie saw it, she burst into tears. He’d transformed the crib into a bench. He’d crafted the perfect memorial for Noah.

It turns out there are caring kind people left in this world. Now whenever Valerie looks upon that bench, she’ll be reminded of her precious baby boy who has his angels wings.