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Delivery Driver Rushes To Rescue 4-Year-Old Boy After Heavy Box Falls And Traps Him

On April 21, 2021 in Oak Park, Illinois, a 4-year-old boy, Max Pratt, was rescued by a package delivery driver after a 97-pound box nearly crushed him. After attempting to carry in the large box, which was well over his own height, little Max cried out for help as the box fell on top of him. Hearing the cries from across the street, UPS driver Marco Angel sprinted to rescue Max from harm.

The heroic act was captured on the family’s Ring security camera. In the footage we can see the moment Max attempted to lift the box. Max’s cries for help can be heard on the footage as he was filled with fear over falling down the stairs or being crushed by the large and heavy box. It was a terrifying moment until Angel is seen sprinting back to lift the box off of Max.

Traci Pratt, Max’s mother, said to a local news team that she was upstairs with her 2-year-old daughter when she heard Max’s cries and then ran down to make sure he was alright. By that point, Angel had already rushed over and saved Max from being pinned beneath the 97-pound box. Traci didn’t fully know what happened until she watched the footage from the security camera. That is when she knew that her son had been saved by a real-life angel.

Typically, when Max brings in packages for his mom they are smaller and easy for him to carry. Max’s parents have since made sure he knows not to open the front door unless there is an adult around to help him. This should help keep the young boy safe from package-related incidents in the future.

CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reunited the Pratt family with Max’s rescuer, Angel, so they could check-in and express gratitude for saving their son. Max’s mother said, “You are our angel, the way you flew in and helped him.” She looked very sincere and grateful when faced with the man who saved her son from potential harm.

Angel explained to CBS 2 what he was thinking and feeling when the incident happened. He said, “As soon as I saw the package tilt, I just started running back to it, I pictured my boys in his situation. Obviously, you go into kind of into full parent mode or full dad mode to make sure the kid is all right.” Angel’s parenting instincts kicked in at the perfect moment.

When asked if he wanted to reunite with Max and his family Angel responded, “I’m just happy that I was able to get that box off him because the box did weigh. Just hoping the little boy is all right. That’s all I want.” He really sounded like a selfless and kind person, not like someone that was expecting any fame or recognition at all.

A UPS spokesperson gave a statement to People Magazine about the incident. The statement said, “We’re all truly grateful that Max was not injured and are proud of driver Marco Angel for his quick actions and concern for others.” Angel represented the company well when he acted selflessly and saved Max from falling down the stairs or potentially worse harm.

The package contained a hammock and was no match for the young boy who said, “I always get the packages,” But as for this one, he said, “I couldn’t get it – well, the package man got it.” The box was so heavy it could have knocked the boy over and seriously injured him. Fortunately, Angel was there to spring into action and help the boy.

Max explained his fears to the CBS Chicago news team. He said, “I was scared I was going to fall down the stairs,” he then recalled what happened next, “I was saying, ‘Help!’ and then the package man just came back and lifted the box.” It is a miracle that Angel was still in the area when Max tried lifting the box on his own.

Max’s father commented on the quick response from Angel and said, “He didn’t think twice. He didn’t even look for traffic. He came sprinting. It was pretty cool.” It is not often we get to see real-life heroes act on instinct and help someone without even thinking about it. Angel really lived up to his name at that moment.

This heartwarming story shows us that there are good people out there who are willing to stop everything to help another person in need. It was good timing that Angel was still around to hear and see Max struggling with the box, and now the boy has learned a valuable lesson about not going outside without an adult.