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Dad Visits Ex To See Baby, Is Heart Broken By What He Sees

He got into the driver’s seat with the medicine his daughter needed, consumed with worry as she was sick. Thankfully, the roads were quiet, so he could easily make his way to his ex’s house. When he reached her house, he saw that she was busy singing to the baby. It was clear that she was distraught, but she managed to give him a weak smile. However, as he was putting the pills away, he noticed something that crushed his heart. Maisie and Dylan met each other in law school. It was love at first sight, and they married as soon as they graduated.

Dylan always thought that Maisie was his soulmate. They shared hobbies interest and humor, and they rarely ever fought. The more Dylan got to know Maisie, the more he realized that she was destined to remain in his life forever If you like our content and want to see more, I invite you to subscribe to the channel and click the notification bell to receive the latest videos. Now enjoy the story. Read the full story here ▶