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Cruel Kids Notice Smell Coming From Between Girl’s Legs, Puts Her In ER

Cool kids notice a smell coming from between girls legs, puts her in Er A twelve-year-old girl was sitting at her desk when a handful of her classmates claimed to notice a smell coming from between her legs. Their next move put the poor girl in the er. Now her mother, Lee Davy, has shared her story in hopes that it might prevent the same thing from happening to another vulnerable preteen. After going through an unimaginably painful ordeal with her twelve-year-old daughter, Lee Davy was at her wit’s end with nowhere left to turn. She posted her story on Facebook in hopes that it might resonate with other social media users and ultimately make a difference in the world.

Our beautiful girl has been subjected to some awful bullying at school, Lee wrote on Facebook. It’s been a very private seven months for us dealing with this immediate family. Only after trying to deal with the bullying of her daughter privately for months, Lee Davy ultimately turned to the public. Read the full story here ▶