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Couple Expecting Identical Twins, Doctors Give Them News That Turn Their World Upside Down

When Matt and Jodi Parry of Lancaster, U.K., discovered Jodi was pregnant a second time, they were thrilled. They already had a son and were excited to expand their family.

Then the family learned Jodi was carrying identical twin girls and they were overjoyed. Double the fun!

But their joy was quickly extinguished a few weeks after the girls’ premature birth. A doctor ushered Matt and Jodi into a small bleak room.

The doctor delivered two words that rocked their world. “I’m sorry.” Their precious girls Abigail and Isobel had been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

While the parents were floored by the medical revelation, the doctor’s deliverance of the news was crushing. Jodi said the doctor made her feel like the diagnosis was “a life sentence.” She said:

“That day, I didn’t feel like a mother. I just felt lost and confused.”

Matt and Jodi learned that the odds of giving birth to identical twins who both have Down syndrome is one in a million. No one stepped forward to help them, guide them, direct them to sources of information and assistance.

No one reassured them that their family of five would be okay. They were frightened, not knowing if their girls would ever walk, talk, attend school and have some semblance of a normal life.

They feared for their daughters’ future. But five years later, the girls have proven everyone wrong.
In fact, they are absolutely incredible blessings to this family and to the world. They are inspirations for everyone.

Watch the twins and see for yourself what beautiful souls they are.