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Couple Adopts Baby, Dad Meets Birth Mom and Realizes He Knows Her

When a couple decides to have children, it’s a big deal. Like, it’s 100% life-changing. While many couples find it pretty easy to get pregnant and even plan out the spacing between their children, other couples struggle for months or even years trying to conceive, praying and hoping that one day they will get to be parents.

Walt and Annie grew up together. They were neighbors, but there was enough of an age difference that Walt never thought too much about Annie. On the other hand, Annie hoped that one day she would marry someone just like Walt.

When Annie was in college, Walt helped her get settled, move, and find a new church.

Since they were once again living in the same town, they started hanging out together more and more. Annie realized that maybe she wouldn’t grow up to marry someone like Walt; she might actually marry Walt. Read the full article here ▶